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Presentations and Talks

REN-ISAC WebinarCertificate Management6/30/2011
InCommon CAMPKeynote - Hot Topics6/23/2011
EDUCAUSE Enterprise ConferenceInCommon as Basis for Campus Services5/20/2011
Internet2 Spring Member MeetingInCommon Policy Forum4/19/2011
US Trust CommitteeUS Trust Committee1/27/2011
Internet2 Fall MeetingInCommon Policy Forum11/3/2010
EDUCAUSE 2010 Face-to-Face MeetingShared Services in National R&E Organizations10/14/2010
EDUCAUSE 2010 Face-to-Face MeetingMobile Computing: Safe or Sorry?10/13/2010
Internet2 Fall MeetingInCommon Grows Up4/27/2010
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2010Identity Management and Trust Services01/14/2010
CIOs and Enterprise IT Seminar at the Mid-Atlantic RegionalCIOs and Enterprise IT: Tackling the Tough Issues01/13/2010
EDUCAUSE 2009 Face-to-Face ConferenceCloud Computing: Services, Economics, and Impacts - Sponsored by Cisco Systems, An EDUCAUSE Gold Partner11/06/2009
EDUCAUSE 2009 Face-to-Face ConferenceA Vision for Identity and Access Management in Higher Education11/05/2009
EDUCAUSE 2009 Face-to-Face ConferenceFederated Identity and InCommon: Making Sense for the Bottom Line11/04/2009
EDUCAUSE 2009 Face-to-Face ConferenceSeminar 13A - Identity Management for CIOs: Leveraging Federations11/03/2009
Internet2 Spring MMFuture of InCommon and US Federations04/29/2009
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2009Seminar 2 - Leveraging Identity Management for Privacy, Security, and Compliance01/07/2009
Cybersecurity Summit 2008 for NSF Large Research FacilitiesCommunity Updates05/07/2008
Security Professionals Conference 2008Bridging Security and Identity Management: Can't We Just Get Along?05/06/2008
2008 CAMP: Bridging Security and Identity ManagementBridging Security and Identity Management02/13/2008
EDUCAUSE 2007Seminar 11A - Securing Your Campus: What Every CIO Should Be Doing<br>10/23/2007
2007 CAMP Shibboleth:Shibboleth and Federated Environments06/27/2007
2007 CAMP Shibboleth: Flexible Web-based Authen and AuthorManagement Discussion for Deployed Campuses: Attribute Delivery06/26/2007
Cybersecurity Summit 2007 for NSF Large Research FacilitiesWelcome and Introduction02/22/2007
Net@EDU Annual Member Meeting 2007Higher Education-Industry Collaborations to Improve Security02/05/2007
EDUCAUSE 2006Security Incidents and the Privacy of Personal Information10/11/2006
EDUCAUSE 2006Security Discussion Group10/11/2006
EDUCAUSE 2006EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer & Network Security Task Force (Open Meeting)10/11/2006
EDUCAUSE 2006Seminar 14A - Enterprise Security Planning for CIOs<br><b>PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee is required to attend this seminar.</b>10/09/2006
Seminars on Academic Computing 2006eAuthentication08/07/2006
Enterprise Technology Conference 2006Enterprise-Wide Security05/24/2006
Security Professionals Conference 2006EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force04/11/2006
2006 CAMP: Leveraging Campus Auth Across BoundariesThe Changing Landscape: External Drivers, Risks, and Rewards for Interboundary Authentication02/08/2006
EDUCAUSE 2005Creating Executive Awareness About Information Security10/19/2005
EDUCAUSE 2005Seminar 15A - Cybersecurity Issues for Higher Education CIOs<br>10/18/2005
Security Professionals Conference 2005EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force04/04/2005
Security Professionals Conference 2005EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force04/04/2005
Midwest Regional Conference 2005Seminar 02A - Effective Cybersecurity Practices for Higher Education03/21/2005
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2005Open Source01/13/2005
EDUCAUSE 2004Seminar 13A - Security and Identity Management for Small Colleges10/19/2004
Security Professionals WorkshopWelcome and Introductions05/17/2004
Security Professionals WorkshopSEM02P - Information Security Risk Evaluation
2004 CAMP WorkshopSem01F - Identity Management Workshop
Net@EDU Annual Member Meeting 2004Security Architecture and Advanced Networks02/03/2004
EDUCAUSE Live-JanuaryBalancing the Need for Security and Open, Collaborative Networking01/21/2004
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2004Identity Management01/14/2004
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2004Seminar 4A - Effective Security Practices01/13/2004
EDUCAUSE 2003Identity Management11/06/2003
EDUCAUSE 2003Seminar 14P - The Security Conundrum for Higher Education: How to Balance Securing Our Networks While Maintaining the Openness of the Academy
Seminars on Academic Computing 2003Implementing Single Sign-On Technologies for Campus Portals08/05/2003
2003 CAMP Workshop - TempeManagement Issues: Talk with the Experts02/06/2003
2003 CAMP Workshop - TempeImplementation Case Studies Panel02/05/2003
2003 CAMP Workshop - TempeAddressing Business Processes: Customer Needs and Choosing the First Applications02/05/2003
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2003Small Colleges and Middleware01/16/2003
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2003Case Study: UMBC Directory Deployment01/16/2003
EDUCAUSE 2002Seminar 15P - Middleware Planning and Deployment 102: Mapping Out Your Strategy
Seminars on Academic Computing 2002Project Management for Enterprise Directories08/07/2002
EDUCAUSE 2001Seminar 5F - Developing a Campus Security Plan
Southeast Regional Conference 2001Preconference Seminar 2P - Security 101 for CIOs06/27/2001
CUMREC 2001Using Directory Services for Application Information05/14/2001
EDUCAUSE 2000MyUMBC: Lessons Learned in Developing a Campus Web Portal10/12/2000
EDUCAUSE 2000Early Adopters Report: The Coordinated Schools10/11/2000
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