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Data Management

UMBC investigators have a shared responsibility in ensuring that research data is appropriately recorded, archived and available for review. Investigators must protect subject confidentiality, ensure the integrity research data and to comply with state & federal regulatory requirements. 

  • NSF has published a revised version of theirProposal and Award Policies and ProceduresGuide (PAPPG) that requires, in all proposals submitted or due on or after January 18, 2011, a supplementary document of no more than two pages describing a Data Management Plan for the proposed research. As a supplementary document, the data management plan is not included in the 15-page limit for proposal bodies. Fastlane will not permit submission of a proposal that is missing the Data Management Plan. Use the below for more information:
  • NSF Data Sharing and Data Management Plans - dissemination and sharing of research results
  • Sample data management plans - required by some federal agencies in grant applications that  contain data management plans for projects involving data collection
  • HIPAA - HIPAA Privacy Rule protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information
  • FERPA - the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects the privacy of student education records
  • CIPSEA - the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002 protects data or information acquired by a federal agency under a pledge of confidentiality for exclusively statistical purposes from being disclosed in identifiable form.
  • Link to the Inter-Institutional Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) webinar on data management plans
  • Research compliance education sessions
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